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  • Member: Pokich
  • Title: der... Wahnsinn (Madness)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-01
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  • Comments: My intention about this vid was to make something pcycological, horrific, about the dark side of mind everyone has. All this was made trying to show how the whole world seeing and reality perception changes during the man's self-struggle in his head and what different emotions and images can flow through him in such a moment. And on my own mind at the moments of video creation was something alike that things in David Lynch's "The Lost Highway" movie. This way I tried a little to experiment with the way plot is given to a spectator, to create a really serious atmosphere.

    And of course I tried to make from Jin-Roh something not straigtly action-oriented, but with some idea and in some particular style - to differ somehow from many visaully alike videos.

    And about music. To prevent any other possible misunderstanding, I would say, that it is definately an anti-militarictic song, what you may see from the lyrics translation.
    *The subtitles file available here:[Jin-Roh_Rammstein].srt

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