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  • Members: DaCoolGohan, demonlighter
  • Studio: BSJ Inc.
  • Title: PPr:Kut
  • Premiered: 2005-02-01
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    • Linkin Park Ppr:kut
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  • Comments: Spitfire Comments 00:00-01:45
    I started this video project about 4 or 5 months ago and never really got into it enough to finish it. So I asked DCG to step in and throw in his part. After a month or two of finding anime and synching problems we worked it out and came up with this final. I started with just Bebop and SX and DCG added a few others into the pot and it turned out well. Quality wise I think we pulled it off. Editing styles are different but mesh sorta ok I guess. Enjoy, and wait till' the end of the video, it gets better at DCG's part :p

    DaCoolGohan Comments 01:46-End
    For this video, I took a page out of dcdeveloper and xnodís book (ie. their Plastic video). Spitfire approached me with an idea to do a compilation for this video, back around October 2004. He showed me what he had done on it, and said he had started to lose ideas and felt like doing this with another editor. So I decided to edit this video, I started with the same two anime he had, Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal and Cowboy Bebop, then I realized he used most of the good scenes, so I only used parts of these anime, then I decided to add Rurouni Kenshin TV for the crossover and combine the parts of RKTV with Sam X when Kenshin learns the ultimate technique, because they do use the same scenes in the TV, but you cannot see the people as well, and I thought this added a better effect. I also added Naruto and played around with that for a while, but realized having it all for the last 45 seconds, didnít fit well and got rid of one of the two scenes, Naruto and Sasuke going crazy, I was using. I removed the Sasuke part and added HeatGuy J for the end up to the Cowboy Bebop end. Then I realized that the Naruto part, although edited good, didnít fit very well, because it was 10 seconds and pretty random because thatís all it was in for. I had problems again with my PC and lost all DVD footage, then finally fixed my computer and put windows XP on it. So, I finally finished it when I got access to the Bebop DVDs again and changed the 10 seconds to focus on Faye and Spike. Everything else had been edited by then, and I had only to do some final touches. Even though most of this wasnít original, other than HeatGuy J, I felt it all fit very well.

    All in all this song was very fun to edit to, I did a lot of different styles then usual, while keeping away from effects. I did all rubber band fades and layovers. I tried to convey a lot of the key points of the series in my part and did some fun action as well. For the most part I didnít do much beta testing outside of Spitfire. This was the first time I worked with him, but I have liked some of his videos for a while now. This is actually my first compilation project, and I did a lot of quality issue fixes in the encoding. The finally encode was done on my PC, just because I didnít really understand how Spitfire did his footage editing, and tried to help him out with quality, his part actually looked a lot worse in the beginning. After we figured that out there was not much problem in finishing this video, because it was mainly an action video without much point, just a fun thing to do in our free time, I edited my part since a little before I released Take My Pain Away to the week I released it. I made the encode quality really high, just because I hate getting low ratings on quality. The specs on the video and the Lyrics are below.

    Technical Specs
    Video Quality: 3100kbps
    Audio Quality: 48000Hz 320 kb/s total (2 chnls) MP3
    Video Codec: Xvid (FourCC Decode Xvid)
    Audio Codec: MP3 (LameMP3)
    Frame Resolution: 720x480
    Frame Rate: 29.971fps
    Size: 89.5 MB (or 91,663 KB or 93,863,508 bytes)

    Linkin Park - PPr:Kut

    Why does it feel like night today
    Something in heres not right today
    Why i am so uptight today
    Parnoia's all i got left
    I don't know what stressed me first
    Or how the pressure was fed
    But i know just what it feels like to
    have a voice in the back of my head
    Like a face that i hold inside
    A face that awakes when i close my eyes
    Face that watches everytime i lie
    Face that laughs everytime i fall
    and watches everything
    So i know that when its time to sink or swim
    The face inside is hearing me right beneath my skin

    Its like i'm paranoid looking over my back
    Its like a whirlwind inside of my head
    Its like i can't stop what im hearing within
    Its like the face inside is right beneath my skin

    hey yo, here we go again with the pain i feel isn't real but in
    my mind
    But i find myself in places with names, but not faces
    My memory races at speeds hundred degrees
    My soul (it bleeds?) devil mustve planted the seed
    Now it feels like my backs against the wall, i'm taking the fall

    Whenever i call nobody's responding at all
    But i don't who i could trust they screaming my name
    I need somebody to help me out of the flame
    all im tryin to do is just master me all i want to do is smoke a
    blaster beat
    but something keeps talking to me consciously
    responsibly it keeps haunting me
    From dusk till dawn
    Everything has something for ya
    That voice inside of your head got to projected, Paranoia
    cold sweat.
    Shining on your face exposing your purpose and if i
    ripped off your skin i'd probly find another verse
    Its nothin worse than trying to bring yourself up back from the
    so i advise you listen to that voice in the back of your head


    the face inside is right beneath your skin [4x]
    The sun goes down
    I feel the light betray me [3x]

    [CHORUS 2x]

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