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  • Member: Quu
  • Studio: Demon Kitty
  • Title: DMV
  • Premiered: 2001-05-12
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  • Song:
    • Yoko Kanno Sora's Folktale
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  • Comments: Well, this video has a strange history. I watched my friends play Diablo 2, and was enamored with the cut scenes. A friend then bought the game, and since he did not have a machine that could handle it, he installed it on one of my computers, and played it. He let me borrow the game until he got an acceptable computer, and in the time, I tore apart the game. I extracted all of the cut scenes, and figured out the CODEC. A friend of mine also worked at Blizzard, so was able to get me some of the other videos that were released in an editable format. I had to make a video… I knew it, but to what song?

    I did not think about it for a while, until I came across the Escaflowne Movie sound track. Two tracks on there stuck out, “Sora” and “Sora’s Folktale”. Mainly “Sora” since one of the lines in the song was “Wing Chant”… or I think it is… and I saw the demons flying through the air in my head. The songs are very surreal, and dream like. Very happy songs… very wispy, I had to corrupt them. Well, not really, but the idea came to me. I wanted to make a video to the song “Sora” and thought that Diablo 2 would work to it. The harsh difference between the song and the footage, would add a jarring feeling within the viewer. I wanted it to be haunting, like a dream that is bordering on nightmare, or recovering from one.

    I gathered all the footage, extracting and converting the cut scenes from the game, getting the additional promotional videos from Blizzard, and even using the preview of Warcraft III. I was torn between “Sora” which I thought was prettier, and “Sora’s Folktale” which was shorter (a blessing with the limited footage), and faster. In the end I decided to use “Sora” because I liked it better, and I thought it was so very different from the footage, I wanted it to clash.

    Then I got sick… really badly. I got a fever, one that did not break for 4 days. During that fever I spent about 10 hours on the music video. I don’t remember much about it, as it was all a kind of haze, but when my fever finally broke… the video was done. I had “finished” the video, thought I still spent a lot of time polishing it after that. I still have a copy of the fever video as I call it, but I was amazed by what was made. For starters, I used the wrong song… I had planned on using “Sora” and ended up using “Sora’s Folktale”. And it worked. It worked very well. The shorter song was also faster, and I think “Sora” would have gotten boring. There was also something, strange, about the video. I had planned on it being more grotesque, using a lot more of the footage that was disturbing, but during my fever, I had chosen the scenes that moved, and implied, with out actually showing the horror. I liked the effect. I don’t think I could have planned this video, maybe it was random, and maybe it was insanity. But it fit.

    My clean up effort took longer than making the first draft of the video. I re arranged some of the scenes, but not to many. I shifted all of the angel scenes to the end of the video… after the climax, as a closure. I also shifted the opening, adding the scene of the boulders. A theme started to emerge, so I tweaked things to fit this theme. I had the opening of the door and the arrival. Then I had lots of fire and hell on earth type scenes. The climax showed stuff getting very worse, and the scene of someone walking out of the door. The denouement shows what I hoped to look like an angel was being summoned, and entering the fight. The final section shows the resolution, of the angel winning, and the doors closing. I know it was not the original doors of the beginning, but it looked cool, and you could not tell. So in the end… the video had a dream like theme, since something that abstract could only come out of a dream.

    I liked it, liked it a lot. Then I got silly. I decided to experiment with things a little. I got a bunch of sound clips, and mixed them into the music. I kept it very subtle, just below the normal human threshold of hearing… but if you pay attention, you can almost hear the rats squeaking, the door closing, the fire burning. There is extra sound throughout the entire video, just below the level of notice, that I felt added perceptually to the video. I experimented with a couple friends. I had them listen to one with and with out the sound effects, they could not hear them, but liked the ones with the sound effects better. Most thought I added visual effects that they did not notice, since the video seamed more alive to them. More smooth and flowing was what they said. So keeping the sound effects subtle, and subdued helped a lot.

    As a final bit of humor, I flipped everyone who watches my video the bird. The crow at the very beginning of the video, I flipped horizontally. I had no real reason to do it, but I was looking at the filter list, and that joke came to mind. So, as an inside joke to my self, those who watch my video are getting the bird flipped. Maybe I should have slept more?

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