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  • Member: Scoob
  • Title: The Story
  • Premiered: 2005-01-29
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    • Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack The Legend Comes to Life
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  • Comments: AWARDS 2nd place "Best Instrumental" - Neko Studios AMV Contest

    This video is really pretty simple no big effects.

    As you can tell this video tells a story. It's MY story and not necessary the real Inuyasha plot. It's my romance story not yours. It first shows how Kikyo was inlove with Inuyasha but how they made her think Inuyasha betrayed her even though it was another demon disquised as Inuyasha. It shows what happens to them and their relationship and how Inuyasha's heart was broken by Kikyo thinking he had betrayed her.

    Later it shows Kagome and Inuyasha. How they are starting to have a relationship and how it's working out. It shows how close they are and how much closer they are getting.

    Though they like each they still have to face obstacles and the video shows how Kagome has to rescue Inuyasha from evil.

    Though Kagome is inlove with Inuyasha she doesn't forget her ethics and during their time and journey together Kagome runs into Kikyo badly injured. Though Kagome is inlove with Inuyasha she saves Kikyo because she cannot let anyone die because she didn't help. But while Kagome is rescuing Kikyo, Kikyo sees Inuyasha and shows that she still loves him.

    After Kagome saves Kikyo she realizes that now that Kikyo is well that she will more likely lose Inuyasha but something else happens.

    While Kagome is thinking she has lost Inuyasha, Inuyasha tries to help her but while he tries to help her Kikyo sees how much the love each other. So she decides to let Inuyasha and Kagomes relationship live and decides to leave and look for her own life because she knew she had lost her life with Inuyasha.

    I hope you enjoy the video and please make sure you have the Xvid codec to view this video.


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