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  • Member: Aneino_Kaijin
  • Studio: Doroganno Meiun
  • Title: Distant Touch
  • Premiered: 2005-01-28
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    • Evanescence Tourniquet
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  • Comments: For starters… there are spoilers. I highly doubt that if you’ve not seen X, you’ll understand most of the spoilers but then, when you do see it, you will curse my name unto the heavens.

    This is the third in a series of character profiles I’m doing for the main characters of the X TV series. The first was Desperate Life (Which may someday go up for download, if I can re-do it) which was for Subaru, to “Bother.” The second was Karen’s to Chumba Wumba’s “Whatever happened to Mary” which may or may not be going up sometime soon.

    Which brings me to this, the video for Kakyo. Yes, it’s to an Evanescence song, and one of the more overused ones at that, but I searched for the better part of six months and could not find a song I liked better to fit his story and personality.

    By the way, trying to make an AMV about a character who physically does almost nothing… very difficult. I do not recommend it.

    This video is about Kakyo, a character who spends basically the whole series in a sort of coma-stasis state. One of the biggest problems I had was trying to differentiate between his memories, his current, comatose state and his dream state, where he can interact with the other characters. It’s about his .longing for a death that can’t come until he’s fulfilled his obligations on earth and is released. It’s about how he wants to help, but feels powerless to change anything because he believes the future is fixed and unchangeable – and the one time he tried to change it he failed, terribly.

    Technically, I am still unhappy with the subtitles I put over the ending, but I couldn’t find a good-quality version with the subtitles already in, so I just set my own over the DVD files. Some of the timing things which seemed to work in Premiere were also a hair off in the final export, but every fix I made seemed to make it worse… so… eh. *sage*

    He’s one of my favorite characters in the show, along with Aoki and Satsuki, which is why I wanted to do something for him. I hope it makes sense, and I hope you enjoy it.

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