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  • Member: saviorsephy
  • Studio: SaviorSephyProductions
  • Title: RahXephon - I Just Wanted To Tell You the Truth
  • Premiered: 2005-01-23
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    • Hoobastank Running away
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  • Comments: I got this idea when I bought the first dvd for Rahxephon, and my muse wouldn't get out of my head.
    My semester finals were coming up... I couldn't concentrate... I only had a week left of cramming before the exams started!
    So I made the amv to get my muse off my back
    My muse is gone, I did well on my exams, so I am going to post my amv now


    This amv focus on the realationship of the main character and his childhood friend and the unhappy ending to their love story.

    notes: the blue stuff - it's blood, neither of them are human (they think the eachother are though).
    the funny robots - The pink one destroys stuff by singing. the one with wings on it's head is
    RahXephon (Rah Zeh Fawn), and his song cancels the effects.
    so he kills her why? - He doesn't know, she tries to tell him the truth, but he's to determined
    to protect her and the other civillians, from the big bad robot, who's
    existance is tied to her life, if one dies they both die, and he kills the
    big bad robot
    The AMV itself
    -very little lipsyncing, I didn't try to hard on that part
    - no subtitles
    - made with WMM (hears countless AMV fans screeming in pain), I understand that Adobe is better, i have that too, but the interface for WMM is more user friendly. NO QUALITY IS LOST USING THIS PROGRAM
    - good vid quality
    - good audio quality

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