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  • Member: BrennaCeDria
  • Title: Final Fantasy VIII--Everything for Rinoa
  • Premiered: 2005-01-22
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    • Bryan Adams Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
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  • Comments: My third video, and the last of my Final Fantasy VIII videos for a while. I originally made this in Adobe Premiere over three hours, but after an hour of exporting something went wrong and the files (project and final product, but not sources) were ruined. So, I went into Windows Movie Maker and put it back together from scratch, with just a few changes to the original plan. It was frustrating, but worth it.

    Just a note: There are multiple clips where the image fuzzes, blurs, or has other "flaws." This is part of the storyline of the game, when time is being compressed and space with it. If you watch my other two vids so far, both have Rinoa not finding Squall and rescuing him from Time Compression, and his death because of it. This video, while having Rinoa rescue him like in the game, it really focuses more on his devotion to her and times when she needs the rescuing.

    Please remember to rate the vid once you've watched it, and if you leave an opinion I'll find one of your vids to op, too!

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