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  • Member: AthenAltena
  • Studio: Umi no Bara Productions
  • Title: World on Fire
  • Premiered: 2005-01-22
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  • Song:
    • Sarah McLachlan World On Fire
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my first attempt at an AMV, so be sparing with your comments! I wish that the footage had come from me, but in actuality I took it from other AMVs and added my own effects. I can't seem to import video on my own yet, but I just got Divx, so that should change.

    The inspiration for this partly comes from the original video to this song, and the concept of seeing the world falling apart around you and feeling helpless. I tried to focus on the girl's emotional reactions to what they do, and give a general sense that they are affected by what they do even if they do not show it.

    I particularly tried to tie in Milosh in one part, on the line "Love still hurts". I feel bad that Chloe isn't in this one more, but I had limited footage of her, and practically the only time she really shows distress is in her final scene. I went a bit crazy with the layering, trying to make periods of layered intense action followed by a shot of Kirika looking out the window, for instance.

    One more thing: I wanted this to end with both Mirielle and Kirika in tears, but it was so hard to find a shot of Mirielle crying!

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