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  • Member: DaCoolGohan
  • Studio: BSJ Inc.
  • Title: Until You're Reformed
  • Premiered: 2005-01-17
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    • Chevelle Until You're Reformed
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  • Comments: Damn, itís been a long time since I have released a video. This one has probably taken me the longest, of any video I have made, around 2 months. Mainly because I wanted to get a good feel of what I was doing. I wanted to make this one a really good one, and I know it is hard to make a Samurai X video really good, because I lot of ideas have been used before. So all of this being said, this has added to the time taken to make this video. The longest part was waiting to get the second OVA DVD, for a long time I waited to buy it, then even longer when I saw the Director's Cut was coming out. Once I got that and ripped it, it was about 2 more weeks for the last 1 minute and 30 seconds of the video.

    With this video I was going for the most typical look at Kenshin's life, and I definitely did not want to use any footage from the TV series, for the main reason the animation doesn't convey as dark of a feeling as the OVA does, as well as I didn't want to use just one OVA in the video, even though that was the beginning plan. I felt that this song is probably one of the darker songs I have edited to, which made this even more fun, and has added to my liking of Chevelle, this is one of my most favorite songs by them, next to Family System and the Clincher etc. Anyway, this video has probably been my second most thought out video, next to Great Romances, except this one, I believe, was executed more effectively. Anyway, I focused mainly on Kenshin becoming a manslayer then his move away from his Manslayer Personality, with the death of his Tomoei his wife, until the end of his story when he is encountered with his manslayer past, by having to fight Tomei's revengeful brother. I used only Trust, Betrayal & Reflection. The parts that happened in the show, which are from reflection, were used mainly for the interlude part of the song for good reason, I wanted to focus mainly on the most defining parts of Kenshin as a Manslayer, then his confrontation of his past at the end of the story.

    That is it for explaining the video. This has been one of my most favorite videos to edit. I was able to incorporate a lot of different kind of editing techniques in this video, such as slower fades, not just by hard action cuts. This was also probably the most difficult song I have edited to, mainly because of the changing instrumental parts in the song. All of these things being said this is my best work to date and has turned out better than I had ever planned for it, mainly because I decided to not just use one OVA for the video.

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    Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
    Length: 04:22
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    Chevelle - Until You're Reformed

    Not about to try,
    Time to please no one,
    The first at last begins,
    You martyr, you child.

    You should ask for more,
    Tired of being your no one,
    Fame can't hurt my soul,
    You martyr, you child,

    This is not for real,
    Forever pleasing someone,
    The first, at last begins,
    You martyr, you child,
    You martyr, you child,

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