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  • Member: Taijiya
  • Title: "Tourniquet" - Evanescence - Kikyou
  • Premiered: 2005-01-15
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    • Evanescence Tourniquet
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  • Comments: Whoa. Long needed update, much?

    This video was actually made quite a while ago, but I hesitated on adding it because it was more of a personal gift for a friend of mine. But finally, I decided on it, since this video has become one of my favorites out there, not just because I made it. I'm pretty proud of this video - The quality may not be very pretty, but it's tragic, and I felt the song fit Kikyou perfectly.

    The video is dedicated to a friend of mine, named Brittani. She is a VERY big Kikyou fan, hence the revolvement of her in this video, and I decided on making her a little treat. The song is "Tourniquet", by Evanescence, an old favorite of mine and Brittani's too.

    Yeah, I know. I'm not that fond of Kikyou, and I've said it before. Still, though..There's something inside of me that wants to tolerate her, even if it's just a little bit, but I can't seem to reach it. Not yet, anyway. I've said to myself that I may not always be anti-Kikyou [and that is true for the most part - my anti is slowly waning, but i don't think it's really a good thing], but I don't think I could ever become a fan of her's. Just not my type, I guess.

    Doooownload? Opinions are always appreciated. =]

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