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  • Member: kenny_kendall
  • Title: Why don't you just go home!
  • Premiered: 2005-01-13
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    • Papa Roach Scars
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  • Comments: hey all this is my new music video!! this music video is about gohan and piccolo's relationship, it shows how gohan is damaging piccolo with always needing help, as they first meet piccolo gets fond of Gohan but that was a big mistake and then after a while it shows that gohan is driving piccolo insane, piccolo always gets himself killed/hurt for gohan and then later on in the music video we see that gohan has to live his own life and piccolo has to move on.

    i hope you like the music video as soon as i heard this song it became my favourite song, and it remined me of piccolo and gohan so then a few months later i started working on it, i do have a few regrets with this music video but hey don't we all.


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