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  • Member: Kadaj
  • Title: The Strongest Shinobi
  • Premiered: 2005-01-10
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    • Rammstein Asche Zu Asche
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  • Comments: I started this video 3 months before i released it and worked on and off for some time. When my school laptop got taken back i just managed to save the project file of what i'd done so far. it took a few weeks to get all the episodes necessary to finish the video and put them on my dads computer. By the end i had 43 differents project and movie files amounting to over 350mb. i only finished this video in the early hours of this morning and added in the titles before going to bed.

    So, here it is. My tribute to the battles of the proud konoha shinobi. The overall theme is the conflict between those who fight for hatred and revenge, and those who fight for friendship and acceptance. This is my best amv by a mile and i've experimented with many new ideas and editing effects. This is the last video in which i'll be using Windows Movie Maker, and all my future work will be with adobe premiere.

    Contains clips from Naruto episodes: 26-117
    There is only really 1 or 2 little spoilers but i thought it better to note the fact that there are some. To try and lower the number of spoilers i've purposely left most fights unfinished so the outcome is uncertain for people who haven't seen it. That aside, there's some terrific fights in this vid so for anyone who's a fan of Rammstein and Naruto, then you'll like this video.

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