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  • Member: Kumagarou
  • Studio: Good Luck Studios
  • Title: Dilandau Complex
  • Premiered: 2002-03-29
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Character Profile
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • No Doubt Comforting Lie
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • AWA Exposition Contest, AWA Exposition Contest (2002-09-27)
    • Shoujocon 2003, Shoujocon 2003 (2003-08-22)
  • Comments: Idea: I was watching the Escaflowne DVDs I had borrowed from my friend and as the series went on, I gradually began to develope a liking for the crazy psychopathic Dilandau ^^ Then I recalled a No Doubt song I had recently DLed in early Jan. The song was about the crazy feelings going in a troubled relationship. I just decided to apply those 'crazy' feelings to the struggle going inside Dilandau's little messed up head and his split persona thingy that occurs towards the end of the series. This is my 1st attempt at an 'action' AMV but I suppose it could stand to use a little more action ^^;

    Project: I had been borrowing the DVDs for weeks one by one... Roxanne kindly lent me all 8 DVDs[she rarely gives out 2 to a person in one sitting, so I got lucky ^^] I sat down & captured all 26 episodes to my harddrive cause I was planning on doing a Van MV later & needed footage for that too =P I editted the first 25 secs one night. Then I forgot about the idea & worked on my Graham & Van MVs until late Feb when I picked up the idea again. I worked on it for a during our week off from school and finished by the following Monday. It turned out better than I had planned ^^ A couple of pointers about this video are that ANY lip-synching going on in the video is purely coincidental. I repeat! No actual attempt at lip-synching was used in this video. I didn't notice it until I showed Stacey it & she always busts out laughing when she sees any type of lip-synching. Also, I used the scene where Dilandau is running the knife against the glass bottle in a couple of places to symbolize the sound the guitar makes at points in the song which gave it a cool effect ^^

    Extra Info: Video Completed 2-27-02 - I showed this video to my English class & got a pretty good response considering a majority of them hadn't seen anime a side from Sailor Moon, DBZ & other Cartoon Network related releases *sigh* When I gave a survey to the Anime Club at ST this one ranked 4th out of the ones I should send to Fanime. So I didn't send it off but I sent it to AWA 8 & hopefully an audience will be able to see it ^^; I'm debating whether I should send it to Anime NEXT.....

    Source/Equiptment: Editting done in Video Wave 4. Captured with Win TV CC. Time frames between 1:47 - 1:55 Corel Photo Paint came into play with the stills on the sides.... Footage taken from DVD & Sound is high quality mp3 to wav file ^^ Special Thanks to Roxanne for use of her DVDs!

    Feedback is always appreciated ^^

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