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  • Member: Caryn18
  • Title: Immortal Full Moon
  • Premiered: 2005-01-01
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    • Evanescance My Immortal
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  • Comments: You cannot download this video on! But you can still download the remake of this video On Youtube!
    Immortal Full Moon On Youtube!!

    OK. This is the first anime music video ive done that is a long anime. Full moon is 52 eps, and alot of stuff in it. I know its not that great, since i made it with windows Movie maker. But i did try very hard to make it. Full moon is a great anime, and i just had to do a AMV with it.
    The lips are not supposted to go with the music! so please mind it. Plus, im soory for the subs at the end, and the clock on the top. Yes i hate it too. =(

    I tried to tell the story in mitsukis eyes with eichi, and then takuto eyes with mitsuki.

    I need to Change some parts in this video. There is a part around the end i dont like and to me makes no sence to what i was trying to say.


    LOL takuto is NOT Mitskuis DAD!! ewwy!lol

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