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  • Member: ALT
  • Title: Invisible
  • Premiered: 2004-10-30
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    • Clay Aiken Invisible
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  • Comments: This was my first attempt at a serious/drama type AMV, it did not do as well as my "Witch Doctor" AMV at Anime USA and did not make it to the finals at Nekocon 7. I still enjoyed making it and I know everyone is not too fond of Clay Aiken, but when I was searching for a song to use this one just gave me some ideas, so I used it. Personally I had fun making it regaurdless, so I hope for all those who like Clay Aiken I hope you enjoy this video. Opinions greatly appreciated as it helps me to better my videos in the future, thanks again and enjoy!

    *Update: It kinda slipped my mind when adding the comments here, but my video is encoded with the Xvid codec so if you have trouble playing the video you may have to download a DivX player or the codec itself. You can get the player from or from, if you need the codec for it to work then you can get the DivX/Xvid codec from or, that should allow you to view it, enjoy.

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