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  • Members: odian0, Tallest
  • Studio: Slacker Studios
  • Title: 99 Orchestrations (directors cut)
  • Premiered: 2005-01-01
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    • Goldfinger 99 Red Balloons
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  • Comments: 99 Orchestrations was my first video that I uploaded for the org. And strangely enough, it's the only video that people seem to have enjoyed to some degree. Boogiepop Sunshine and Irrelevant (things go unnoticed) were met with much more reservation, which is what I get for matching animes and songs that just shouldn't go. Well, whatever, screw you. So, 99 Orchestrations (directors cut) has tried to remove all the technical and artistic issues that you all had issues with. And if you've never seen the original, now would be the time. And now, for the changes:

    1. deinterlacing - i finally removed all of the interlacing through avs synth and the like. hopefully it will show.

    2. subtitles - fine, i liked the subtitles, but apparently no one else did. so i got rid of them, so if you don't understand the german, shut up.

    3. letter boxing - apparently people thought i was trying to hide fan subs and that i hadn't gotten the video files from dvd. well, i had just thought that it looked better that way. apparently i was wrong. so, i shed that way and replaced it with a slightly more styleish system (kinda borrowed the idea from someone else).

    4. random scenes - people thought i had used some very random scenes for some parts, so i tried to tighten that up and insert better pieces that helped understand the series. well, we'll see how well that one goes.

    and now for the list of things i refuse to change:

    1. cat bra - i will not remove that piece, and because of all of your complaining, it will soon become my studio logo. so screw you all, i liked it and it was cute.

    2. misspellings - okay, well, i dind't misspell it in the fist video. but for some reason i spelled Rahxephon with an extra E twice in the directors cut. so sue me, i do most of my editing at 2 am.

    and that's it really. give it a watch, give it a review.

    (p.s. - divx coded)

    (p.p.s. - popular consent: the original was better)

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