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  • Member: Caim-The-Mad
  • Studio: Mysterious Loser Productions
  • Title: Too Late, Too Slow
  • Premiered: 2004-12-30
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  • Song:
    • Amanda Marshall Why Don't You Love Me
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My first AMV. Period.

    I tried to make it into a Cougar X Mimori video...or, at least, an angst. Since there's virtually nothing about the couple, I tried my hand at several things and making an AMV just happened to be one of them. I guess that not only being insanely obsessed with the coupling itself and then becoming addicted to learning something new, such as making AMVs, I spent about two weeks straight on it. Yeah. I'll never do that again. ^^'

    Anyway, for the background of this AMV, it turns out that I wound up having a more difficult time than not. Seeing as the music video is coming from Cougar's POV and Amanda Marshall is singing the song, I realized about halfway through of attempted lip syncing that Cougar was doing it to a woman's voice. ^^' Maybe a little humorous, but a mistake on my part. Actually, I wasn't even going to lip sync, but Cougar talks so much through the series anyway, I found it pretty hard to capture any sort of necessary footage without him talking in it. I also remember reading somewhere that the key to a good AMV is to limit unnecessary talking, especially during the singing itself. I'll be the first to admit that the lip syncing is a little shaky, and for that, I apologize.

    Also, the video at first seems to be a tad squashed...but it isn't. The guide I was going through encouraged that I add borders, and it wasn't until I watched the video through completely that I realized that I didn't need it. But oh well.

    As for the meaning of the video, I guess I was trying for a sequence of things. I wanted to start off lip syncing and sort of move into a flashback mode between Cougar and Mimori until eventually about the middle of the song, the lip syncing increased and it turned into more of Cougar talking to Mimori himself until at the end, the two reach an unspoken friendship expressed in exchanging smiles. Heh, heh...

    I think my favorite part is the middle of the song with the solo and a couple of Cougar's quotes in the background.

    Also, I put two pieces of my own artwork in at the very end. ::Rubs neck in embarrassment::

    By the way, the very beginning with the breaking heart...Yeah, that's there as a joke. ::grin:: Couldn't resist.

    Although it's my first AMV, I hope it turned out okay, but that's for you, the viewers, to tell me.

    **Video MAY contain spoilers for some!**

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