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  • Member: road_rash
  • Title: dedication to Rock Lee, the man who lost his dream....
  • Premiered: 2004-12-29
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    • Disturbed fade to black
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  • Comments: I decided to start updating the star count monthly to let people know what otheres think of my vids. As of November 6th, 2005..........

    [star count: 238] [star avg: 3.55]

    this music video will have subtitles in it. If you for some reason just can't ignore them like I do, and think you'll give me a lower score on my amv because of it, I request that you don't watch. Also, this is a remake Disturbed did of metallica's fade to black, I didn't make a mistake.

    Now, anyway, on to this music video. This I have to say is my best music video to date. Here is the story behind why I made this AMV: I myself am in the martial arts, and I don't think anyone can argue, not my friends or family, that martial arts is the ONLY thing I am good at. I have spent a great deal of time and effort into my training, and is about the only thing in my life right now, I don't have any other intrests. I have had a few serious injuries in my time, from breaking a knuckle that I was told will make it so I could never punch with that hand or even move the finger again, to breaking my other arm in a way that it still puts much pressure on the bones when I punch a punching bag or do pushups. The way I felt just from being told about those injuries, idk how ot describe it in words. Martial arts is the only thing in my life, and if that was taken away, especially from something as small as a broken knucle, I will be fucked for the rest of my life, pretty much have no reason to live but to be a burdon on everyone around me.

    With that said, watching Naruto and seeing what happened to Rock Lee, I knew exactly how he felt when he was told that he could never be a ninja again. The mere thought of it scares me. I decided to make a music video about his hardships and the pain he had to go through, how all of his training was almost for nothing. Please read the lyrics and say them in your head while watching the music video, scenes will make A LOT more sense if you do, why I put certain scenes in certain places, ect.

    Life it seems, will fade away
    Drifting further everyday
    Getting lost within myself
    Nothing matters no one else
    I have lost the will to live
    Simply nothing more to give
    There is nothing more for me
    I need the end to set me free

    Things not what they used to be
    Missing one inside of me
    Deathly loss this can't be real
    Cant stand this hell I feel
    Emptiness is filling me
    To the point of agony
    Growing darkness taking dawn
    I was me, but now he's gone

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