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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Donut Hole productons
  • Title: Good Bye Naru
  • Premiered: 2004-12-30
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  • Song:
    • SR-71 She Was Dead
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  • Comments: This is probably my best video to date. This is a character profile on Keitaro and it shows his point of view of his relation ship with Naru. It mainly focuses on how Keitaro wants to give up on Naru and it shows how much Naru is a bitch to him at times. I used a lot of scenes from the series, movie specials, the ova and yes even the hentai. I didnt bother to list the others just because the scenes i used were really short and there was no point in listing them. This is my first vid trying out the comic bubble effect. Bare with me on those im still trying to get used to them. I used various other effects such as compositng and even some frame by frame hand animation. Just to warn you i did use repeat scenes just because this video was so hard on scene choices. I tried to use the repeat scenes as special effect sequences as much as I could. Hope you enjoy it when I release it.

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