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  • Member: ashiteruSweetSurrender
  • Studio: Matchmaker STUDIOS
  • Title: Love of a Small Maiden
  • Premiered: 2004-12-28
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    • Cranberries Dreams
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    x: A young maiden's relationship with the head preist of the Earth,
    x: Eventually the warm friendship they shared turned into love...
    x: Pure and Innocent...

    A video about Chibi-usa and her one and only true love, (H)elios. This video gives it a very different perspective to show their true feelings for each other. I had lots of fun using the Super S series because of it's bright happy... pink? colors? lol. But it also has a lot of drama and it really makes you look at the dreaded poptart Chibi-usa in a different light than in the previous series...

    When watching this pairing i loved how cute helios and the little maiden interacted and how they both went to great lengths to protect and make sure the other was safe, every wonderful love story covers that aspect...

    My first video with all the software, (DVD decrypter/AMVapp/etc.), woo!

    I hope you like it, it took forever and a day... and a half. Enjoy!
    pls comment... it's my first vid. on the web. THANK YOU!
    Brightest Blessings, :{ashiteruSs}

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