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  • Member: Brakus
  • Title: I'll Be Your Hero
  • Premiered: 2004-12-27
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    • James A. Johnston I'll Be Your Hero
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  • Comments: Warning! This video is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18 only!

    It's about time someone did a video to this hard-to-find anime without going for the "funny gross-out cheap-shot hentai porn humor" that lots of other such videos with this anime in it have. Yes I intend this video to be an "adult" video but it does not belong in the funny hentai sex-sex-sex category. This video was (partially) shown at ACen 2005's "Too Hot For ACen" block, but it wasn't shown in its entirety due to it not being pornographic enough. Why is it that when conventions schedule adult blocks, all of them (except AWA) simply show pornographic hentai AMVs?

    But I digress, that's another discussion for another time.

    First of all, I apologize for the poor visual quality of the video. This particular title is not available in the United States, and I tried to clean up the copy I had as best as I can. This title was re-released in Japan in March 2005, and it will be released stateside in November 2005.... at which time I may upload a cleaner version.

    Old school wrestling fans that remember the summer of 1993 will recognize this song as "I'll Be Your Hero", which was featured prominently in the late summer of that year on WWF television. The song can be found on the WWE Anthology CDs, and it includes a musical bridge never aired on TV before.

    This video was done over the course of three to four hours in one night. I've fallen in love with this particular title. Granted it is graphic at times and it's not necessarily for the squeamish, but at its heart, it's a well-underrated tragic shounen-ai/yaoi story. I basically focused on the relationship Jonathan and Leonardo had during the story, and Leonardo's promise to Jonathan in the end.

    No English dub is currently being produced for this title. Maybe if we're really nice, Media Blasters will get the right people to dub it in English. Anyway, please enjoy my interpretation of the two men's relationship. And thank you for the wonderful e-mails I've gotten so far for this video.

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