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  • Member: Niotex
  • Studio: N-AMV
  • Title: How To Make An AMV...
  • Premiered: 2004-01-02
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    • Der deutsche Trödel Drogekauderwelsch
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  • Comments: Oke this is a realy old video... I didnt released it back then cause i didnt like it... But all of my friends kept on going about "yhea just release it its funny bla bla bla etc etc" and then the AIM convo with Jagged Ice ... Well it pushed me over the edge... anyway here is a part of the convo Jagged and i had.

    Niotex: there you go...
    Jagged Ice200: lol
    Jagged Ice200: LMAO
    Jagged Ice200: XD
    Niotex: now for the side note... its a true story... only was it actualy not me but Xanthium... only thing he could do during editing is gaze at tits on his BG -_-
    Jagged Ice200: LOL
    Jagged Ice200: dude, i think you should release this. The first part got me bad
    Niotex: The first part got me bad? hey please remind yourself im from holland :P
    Jagged Ice200: lol
    Jagged Ice200: its was funny as hell, caught me off guard
    Niotex: the "but please you can call me, wefasdflkhsaf Timay!!!" ?
    Niotex: you realy think i should post it? (release it)
    Jagged Ice200: yea
    Jagged Ice200: shorts like these are cool.
    Niotex: its over a year old... X_x but oke i'll put it on the org
    Niotex: but i expect a full opinion from you!
    Jagged Ice200: lol ok
    anyway seeing as it was actualy done 02-01-04 i wanted to release it in 04 still so i can move on with my "life" (drinking beer with friends then pass out... then wake up edite a bit, watch some anime then go drinking again... and somewhere in there is school...) no now all is right with the world...

    The vid is a Comedy vid but its also a little serious... (cause no offence but this is how one of my friends started...) also the texts in the vid are only connected to the vid there is no hidden msg in there except for that one friend i talked about...

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