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  • Member: Valanne
  • Title: The Bard's Song
  • Premiered: 2004-12-23
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    • Blind Guardian The Bard's Song
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  • Comments: The most difficult thing to do choosing this song was to decide what "the bard's song" is. Mainly, it's Nausicaa's prophecy, but soon you'll realize that the Bard is Miyazaki himself, the greatest storyteller of our times in my opinion, while his stories are so wonderful they really look like they've always existed, and they've always be sung by someone. So this video is a tribute to Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's works! There's no plot in this video, I chose all the clips paying great attention to the mood, letting the song flow through my mind. The "main plot" is "storytelling", I might say.

    This song was originally created thinking of Lord of the Rings, and in fact they mention "hobbits, dwarves, men and elves". In my video, they simply are all the magical creatures (I chose Kodomas, because to me they're the best creatures ever invented in a Miyazaki's movie!) and heroes that fight and live through these movies.


    Now you all know
    The bards and their songs
    When hours have gone by
    I'll close my eyes
    In a world far away
    We may meet again
    But now hear my song
    About the dawn of the night
    Let's sing the bards' song

    Tomorrow will take us away
    Far from home
    Noone will ever know our names
    But the bards' songs will remain
    Tomorrow will take it away
    The fear of today
    It will be gone
    Due to our magic songs

    There's only one song
    Left in my mind
    Tales of a brave man
    Who lived far from here
    Now the bards' songs are over
    And it's time to leave
    No one should ask you for the name
    Of the one
    Who tells the story

    Tomorrow will take us away
    Far from home
    No one will ever know our names
    But the bards' songs will remain
    Tomorrow all will be known
    And you're not alone
    So don't be afraid
    In the dark and cold
    'Cause the bards' songs will remain
    They all will remain

    In my thoughts and in my dreams
    They're always in my mind
    These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
    And elves come close your eyes
    You can see them too


    Feedback is always appreciated.

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