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  • Member: AltruisticCrono
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: IRIA - Complete Authority
  • Premiered: 2004-12-17
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    • Linkin Park Pts.of. Athrty
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  • Comments: [Edited on March 27, 2006]

    Here is what some people had to say:

    Alt_z3 (Bartek ) wrote...Great work man, I love IRIA anime and finally i have a good AMV. I am really impressed with the timing and effects - which are very well chosen.

    silver_moon (Valerie Fremmerlid) wrote...Your timing is very impressive. You did an excellent job of emphasizing certain parts of the song and closely matching each beat.

    _Ice-Angel_ (Samantha Kowalsky) wrote...At last, an Iria video worthy of the anime it came from! You have rescued and revived a classic. :D You get my Anime Smile of Approval(tm)! *^_^*

    Prodigi wrote...This kind of perfection you would expect from a person who gets paid to do this, not from someone who does it for fun. Every choice of action scene was perfect for every part of the song.

    Archangel Zero wrote...This is THE ONLY GOOD IRIA AMV I've ever seen.

    Sephiroth X wrote...You did Iria some major justice by creating this stunning action video. If this video doesn't get recognized for some kind of award then its a major crime.

    The wait is last. The final copy of a destined video is complete. After nearly a year since the start (although the work time isn't even near that), this video was painfully taken frame-by-frame in certain parts. Iria's six episodes were put to the limit - compressed into a single AMV with nothing but action. Special effects such as flashes, color changes, video tracks, and scene changes combine into a satisfying experience.


    The AMV generally travels from episode 1 through 6...only with a few out-of-placement scenes for emphasis and song related sequences. Ultimately, it captures Iria's revenge for the main villian. In the end, she gains a friend, but loses a brother.


    Adobe is rather particular about codecs. I had to import files in an older version because 6.5 didn't like the files. Besides the program crashing often, my computer would slow down when I had too many clips and effects. As a result, I ended up with 13 segments, 5 fixed areas, and 2.5 GB of a Huffyuv'ed video...0_O;;; I also used Virtualdub to attach the music - finally making the 100 MB limit possible.

    If a person adds all the files up (footage and all), it comes out to 8.06 GB. Kinda glad that Iria only has 6 episodes and not something like 26.

    Finally! Iria was my first anime I ever watched...back when Sci-Fi actually had anime. It pretty much had me hooked right away. Too bad I can't remember many of the other animes back then - besides Project A-ko and Venus Wars >_<

    Hours upon hours at times...only to have a single day a week to work on it. It sat for months because things came up or the computer was taken. But even though I nearly had to start over from the was worth it. It came through with a DVD luster that I still can't get over. Above all, I dedicate this video to all my friends who helped me along the way. AZ, X, SK, Prodigi, and _Ice Angel_ - you have worked so hard during my absense. I hope you enjoy a piece of my life.

    Deep inspiration came from my search of a decent Iria AMV - which ended in failure. Initial reviews from X, Prodigi, and AZ were awesome. I'm relieved that all my blood, sweat, and caffeine didn't go to waste. May all our fans (new and old) enjoy this AMV during the holiday season. After all...what goes together better than DZX Productions and a candy cane?

    Opinions/Reviews are appreciated.

    *Best Action for Anime Detour 2006*

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