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  • Member: merrow
  • Studio: RandomFandom Studio
  • Title: Believer
  • Premiered: 2002-01-10
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  • Song:
    • Smash Mouth I'm a Believer
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  • Comments: This video took me about 2 days from concept to completion. The hardest part was going through all the footage for close-ups of Tooru. I used Premiere 6, and some title work in Photoshop. I'm particularly happy with the pacing of this video and hope people feel it captures the feeling of the series.

    The direct link leads to a FTP hosted on a personal computer. It's availablity varies.

    The indirect link leads to the download section of my webpage. There are links both to the ftp and to an .rm hosted on the website itself.

    ~~~~~~~Updated info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    In the series Fruits Basket I've long felt the underlying the theme was learning to hope. The two male leads learn from the female lead Honda Tooru to believe in themselves and in other people. Originally I wanted to make one video that switched back and forth from the two male characters perspectives showing how Tooru affected them. But there was so much stuff I wanted to show that I ended up with enough footage for two videos. So I decided to make two version of the song, each one featuring a different character.

    I think the Yuki version works better, but I'm happy with both videos. Of the videos I'd made I think that these ones are the first ones that really worked and flowed well. I've been pleased to note that these are the videos that seem to get the most positive feedback and that people seem to enjoy the most.

    I tried to be very straightforward with the editing on these. I want to let the upbeat song and the footage speak for itself. I attempted to have as much fun as possible with it and I think that helped to make the videos work. The source I had wasn't the best. I used raw footage I found online, and some of the episodes were in very low quality. In fact, some were so low that I couldn't use scenes that I wanted to because of quality issues. I made do with some alternate scenes which I think work pretty well.

    This series is coming out on DVD in the US later this year. While I consider these videos finished I will at that time remake them in higher quality. I also plan to remove some of the repeated footage and put back in the scenes I couldn't use before.

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