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  • Member: lilgumba
  • Title: Lost Lamb
  • Premiered: 2004-12-22
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Who
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  • Comments: Update: People have been wondering why I used the old footage look at the begining. If you listen closely you can hear the actual audio popping like and old record player. When the popping stops that effect stops.

    Please watch the video before going over my commentary.
    The video is only 1:02 long so it has a small MB amount for a reason. :-P
    If you don't like semi-depressing stuff don't watch this. ;)

    p.s. I used the xvid 2 pass encode on this.

    I started having the idea on 2004-11-19 00:21:52. (I had the music from Ayumi Hamasaki's Who chopped up into a little instrumental version before that but the idea did not sink in until I asked CK what anime would go good with the music.)

    This was the original concept:
    "I'm thinking I should do another character manipulation. I want to see if I can get Robin from WHR to look really evil. I would start off with her in the church and work my way to where she gets a bit demonic. The people around her don't trust her. At the end she ends up alone. Problem with this is that I only have 1 minute to do this. I kind of want to have the background of the pendant burning too with her eyes full of flames in a close up at the end. I think this could work."

    After making a wallpaper the concept changed a little bit. In my wallpaper I had Robin praying under a red light. Then I had her at the church with burning flames in front of her. I'm thinking I could use some kind of biblical reference going on with her being a lost lamb that was led to the evil side. That was kind of how it was in the show. The witches were persecuted because of their powers whether they used it for good or evil. I decided to take that path with Robin as well. Instead of Robin being the innocent she was in the anime I wanted to completely manipulate that and make her truly evil.

    I broke this anime down in sections. The first part was Robin the lamb/innocent. She was confronted with a "nightmare" of what she was to become. The second part was depression and loss of hope for the lamb. Here she begins to have more visions of what she becomes and begin to choses her path. In the third section the lamb has become the devil. We see the last part of her humanity left when she sheds that last tear before destroying that man. After this she goes on destroying more people. Now one will notice that Amon is in here occasionally. He is observing the transformation in Robin. He realizes that she must be destroyed for her own good. The last section is the confrontation with the devil. Here Robin cannot run and so Amon takes her out.

    In this video I tried to keep it low on effects or seem low on effects. I used some filters, photoshop, and after effects once. I am hoping that this video's story captures the audience more that the "effects."

    If you wish please leave feedback that will help me grow as a creator.

    I would also like to thank ck25 for helping me get the idea and usage of his dvds and voices_of_ryan for showing me there was a text feature in premiere. (Yeah I was slow.)

    Enjoy the video ^_^

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