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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Endless Praying
  • Premiered: 2001-07-03
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    • E Nomine Vater Unser
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  • Comments: Note you will likly see this video and many of my other ones poping up every so often if you search under \'new downloads\' this is because i have somone else hosting my videos and there internet Service provider likes to change things like his IP adress without telling him. So many of the links on my videos will be rather speratic for now.

    I entered this into AX 2001, it didn\'t make it. Oh well if i ever get it on i\'ll post a link.

    Update 11/28/02: Man i wrote alot more but my computer crashed. I finally got some hosting. This video was entered into AX 2001 It didn\'t make it into the AMV contest. This video is an effort to try to do a different action video. THe song has alot of building up to it which i felt i convayed in the way the video is done, which is a series of building up to the death and destruction Duo is Praying about. Praying is the Theme to the video. I hope that those that watch it get at least some sort of scence of this otherwise i didn\'t convey it right. Comminicating idea\'s and concepts using images that were intended for something else can be really hard and is one of the banes of making AMVs.
    I do hope everyone enjoys this video and yes i am underplaying myself as i never want to be viewed as a person with a large Ego. On another note i did this video before the Ermac AMV that uses a remix of this song. It was completly \'origenal\' and without any influence from any other AMVs (Ironic how you can use anything but the mediam your working in and still be considered that) .
    I also ask that if you rate this video you do not do so based upon that you heard this song/seen this anime used before. I am aware of there popularity but with my last AMV Gravity of Utena over half the opinions given lowered the score on it for those reason. Enjoy.

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