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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Donut Hole productons
  • Title: Ultimate Battle Majin mix
  • Premiered: 2004-12-15
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  • Song:
    • WARU Bad Blood remix
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  • Comments: This is my first remix remake video. It focuses all on the Goku vs Vegeta bout. This is a remake of my original fifth video. The first time I made this was with horrible Saiyanjin saga fansub footage. It was all uncut but the video quality was very nasty. The second time I made the video was with cartoon network footage. While the footage was clear and cleaner then my original one it still wasnt the greatest quality. Now I have made the remix remake version which compiles all of Goku and Vegeta's bouts. The Majin mix stands for the short in majin battle sequences. I used plenty of effects in this video. Not all of the quality is dvd footage though. I had to use several flashback sequences of the Goku/Vegeta fight since the cartoon network footage was all edited to hell and back. I only used a very little edited sequence that wasnt really changed at all. Once the redub of DBZ is released all uncut Ill do an original remake of the original video. Stay tuned for that but as for now enjoy this vid.

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