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  • Member: DiemondDagger
  • Studio: Destiny Cloud Studios
  • Title: The Emotions of Anime
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Action
    • Drama
    • Romance
    • Serious
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    • Chrono Cross Opening Theme
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  • Comments: This video is by far what I was hoping to make.
    After being inspired by numerous sources.
    (Sammy's: History of Anime, Brad DeMoss: Rythem of the Heat, etc etc)
    I set out to make a video that showed all the compontents that make us keep watching.
    Although the song is short I did the three that I think are the three most esential to a good anime.
    There are others but in my opinion these three stuck out.
    Touching Footage (romance,drama)
    Excitement footage (Action, explosions, blood etc etc) =P
    The Inspiration was hard in some ways because i had to use clips that spoke out in other ways that just what the clips perseived.
    Take for instince death scenes.
    If you see a death scene you feel of course sadness but you also need to look beyond that and think of how the character must feel.
    Usually in Anime they have the characters life flash before their lives.
    Now is that character really sad and fearful if he see's his loved ones again and relives the happiest moments of his life?
    I think not.
    Lots of trickery in here and I went all out on some of the effects!
    SOME not all SOME!
    I am quite proud of this and right now I have them up on KaZaA!
    So look for me on their aswell.
    DiemondDagger (artist)

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