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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: The Goddess' Magic of Love
  • Premiered: 2002-01-31
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    • Olivia Newton John Magic
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  • Comments: I still get mixed reviews about this vid...

    When I first got the idea, I was watching AMG, and seeing it reminded me that the way it was done was almost like an old 80's movie I saw when I was kid. You may have heard of it, the movie starred Olivia Newton John and it was called 'Xanadu'. If you're familiar with the movie, you probably understand what I was trying to do here. At any rate, when I first heard the song "Magic" on the soundtrack, and after seeing the OVA all the way through, I thought to myself, "This is almost like Xanadu." So I decided to try making an AMV using that idea.
    It actually didn't take long to make it, at best it took me about two weeks to make this. And when I finally added this video to the video database, I got mixed reviews about it. Some said it was original, others said it wasn't very good, and many said it was so-so. But personally, looking back on it, I look at it and say, what was I thinking? Sure, I was looking for an excuse to make a first ever Oh/Ah my Goddess AMV, but after awhile, I thought to myself, "I could've done better with the video...".
    Other than that, i'd say it's a fairly good video. If only I wasn't so compelled to finish it quickly, but oh well, past is gone and ya gotta move on. If you like the Xanadu soundtrack and/or AMG, give this a view.

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