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  • Member: Captain Tenneal
  • Title: Beautiful Fate
  • Premiered: 2004-12-18
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    • Craig Armstrong Glasgow Love Theme
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  • Comments: This just a simple (or maybe not ^_~) video about Haruka and Michiru once again. It's another instrumental piece, so this video is mainly about mood and scene. "Glasgow Love Theme" is obviously meant to be a love theme song, but I feel as if it has a bittersweet tone to it, especially with the minor chords that are played. With that said, we can look at H&M's relationship as such. Sweet because of the unconditional love and devotion they have for each other, and bitter because of their roles as senshi, they are never left at peace. The way the music and video develop is it starts fairly lightly with a romantic air, and then goes into a more dramatic crecendo and denoument. You can kind of look at the video in two (or really four parts). The first part features the two characters from season S. In the opening scene I have the classic footage of Haruka looking out the window. To start off with I put the shot of Michiru looking at Haruka superimposed over Haruka's shot, and it is slightly blurred. The effect is almost as if Michiru's image is being reflected in the glass. As the shot progresses the image sharpens until it fades into the actual shot of Michiru standing there. I didn't want to add too many digital effects so that the mood of the video was lost here. The important thing about this first part of the video is to look at the characters' eyes and faces and what kinds of emotions they're conveying to each other, especially while in context to the music. The scene moves on to the classic hands scene and as the shot pulls away to the two gazing at each other I added a lens flare right about Haruka's head just as an added touch. Then comes the more dramatic crecendo part of the piece. As the tone of the music changes we go to the footage of the death of Neptune. I thought about adding Uranus's death in there, but I think the look on her face is enough to signify her own death. Again look at the characters' faces. Neptune's own desperation to save the one she loves and Uranus's look of pure devestation watching the one she loves die. Instead of having Uranus flash back to the hands scene like in the anime I had her flash back to one of the first moments that the two had met. That combined with the effects I used gives it a more ghostly feel, and again we see the tender gaze of Haruka upon Neptune as shes holding her. Finally we have the shot of the falling rose which has many symbolic meanings relating to the feminine etc. "Part two" of the video begins with H&M watching the sunset from the Stars season. Truly a romantic scene, and you'll notice the song repeats itself in a stronger rendition of the romantic part of the theme. The song has a kind of descending air to it and we see H&M walking away. While this is still very romantic as the two are holding each other, there is a note of sadness to it as they are going to meet their fate, however together. We cut on to the fallen expressions of H&M as they were seemingly under the control of Galaxia. I used a kind of echoing effect here which again gives the scene a kind of paranormal look. As they lift their heads to look onward it looks as if they are "going into the light". Finally the video starts to close with their combined death in Stars. As Neptune and Uranus both close their eyes, it seems, with the mood of the music, that they are at a kind of peace. To go into eternal rest while holding their own beloved.

    Anyway that's all really. it's kinda simple as a whole, but I wanted it to be that way so that the footage and music would speak louder than any effects. Hopefully I was able to pull that off in my editing by putting the right scenes together for the musical theme. One mistake I'll note is during the sunset scene it has a shot of H&M but then cuts away rather quickly so it really only flashes on them. That's my mistake, I should've corrected that, but I had already rendered the video and didn't feel like going back because I'm a lazy sod -_- hehe. Anyway I hope this video is enjoyable. Leave some comments! ^_^

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