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  • Member: charmandersvg
  • Studio: heero yuy productions
  • Title: Zarah 5
  • Premiered: 2001-01-22
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    • Creed Higher
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  • Comments: this is a anime i am going to make and the book is coming soon i need some time so this is a clip so you can see what the story is is the frist part of the book just the pre text.Zarah5
    writen by Daniel Savage
    In a distent world called Zarah 5. A ancinte demon was let loose on the world.with armys of demons at his control he set out to inslave the world.and make his hell on the plaint.but the peaple rose up aganst him. and a ancinte war was fought for the control of Zarah 5.A sword was made buy the god of zarah 5 a weapon of pure good and light.A man bye the name of samml josh found this sword in the temple of the god. and took it in to battle.with the power of the sword he killed 500 demons in one fight and the peaple were wining the war.the ancinte demon was forced in a final fight with samml.were with the power of the swords light he inperisiond him back in to the hell from wich he came. and as for the sword. it was locked away so no man could ever use its power.2000 years passed and as it did so did there ways. they forgot the god that saved them.and the demon that at one time had inslaved there world.they how have no weapons or means of fighting they live a world of peace and technlogy and have lost there fath.the year is 3025.

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