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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anime Corp
  • Title: Bond and Effects
  • Premiered: 2002-01-12
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  • Song:
    • Moby James Bond Theme
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my Video to the James Bond Theme of Moby. It is about several fights in the Cell Saga, DBGT and Goku vs Vegeta. First I started with thinking to make a fun-vid, but then it turned over. I weren't lazy with the effects, it took me 3 weeks of pure editing. There were alot of probs with the clips, I hadn't so much about DBZ on my computer which wasn't too low quality. I've "stolen" also a few scenes from other AMVs, hurt me for that. It also was my first try with a really good Movie editing tool, so I've tried out a lot of effects at the beginning. These effects raised my clip-material (because of transparency etc.) so I did one scene without so much effects, either I put the same scene 2 times in the vid. U don't register it at all. In the end I threw in the few scenes that I had and synched them to the music. The lyp sync in the last seconds with Vegeta looked good in the preview window, but later in full screen it was bad.
    Through all that it's a fine video, I put alot afford in it. I hope you like it.
    It's aviable in KaZaA, just type the video title and my nickname, then you should find it. I'm online in the evening, for US-People that's morning or lunch time :D.
    The file is MPEG 1, 1150 kbps, 384x288, 31 MB
    Programs used:
    Paint Shop Pro 5


    Many people compared about the fuzzy, blurry quality of the rm-version. here's a well encoded asf, which still isn't that good in quality, but you can look it without getting your eyes shocked ;-)

    Alright, the big version is up again. Just a renaming problem with the folder in wich they were stored.
    Big thanks to Anime-Corp! You guys rock

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