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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: Monster Editor (AnimeUSA 2004): Watch me Shine (2-hour version)
  • Premiered: 2004-10-31
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    • Vanesa Carlton Watch Me Shine (dji short remix)
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  • Comments: AnimeUSA 2004... Vic Bond wanted to do an Iron Chef AMV competition... I resisted the idea, I personally just wanted to use my panel time to show people how to make an AMV, instead of just talking about "how to ripp dvds" or "what programs should I use" and crap like that. I wanted to functionally show the editing process. So it ended up, that I caved in, and I participated in (what we eventually called) "Monster Editor: AMV" @ AnimeUSA 2004.

    So the same premise applied.. 2 identical (well awefully close) computer systems, 2-hrs, select pre-ripped/pre-captured source. Me (Alan Chaess) vs SSGWNBTD (Brian Moore). 11 standard ingrediants, 2 secret ingrediants. 2-hours, must make an AMV.

    I undoubtly lost, as I was expecting. A few things to point out.. I don't make fan-service videos, I don't do various videos, and I wasn't familiar with 10 out of the 12 anime ingrediants... I'm not counting the Hsien Lee DDR footage. Regardless I'm uploading the AMV. Also, I used 9 out of 13 ingreadiants (I think). Also the "Home Video Footage" is Hsien Lee "DDR Meister" =D

    The song I used is orignally 4 minutes long, but I cut it down to roughly 1 minute. Without futher ado.. download away!

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