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  • Member: Kenshin8518
  • Studio: Dark Saiyan Productions
  • Title: Pain- the story of it all.....
  • Premiered: 2004-12-10
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    • Jimmy Eat World Pain
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  • Comments: Well i've been trying to make a good AMV For a long time, and due to school/ out of school activities I have not been on. I read up on the guides made, and soon got enough footage to make a "non-crappy" AMV... so here is the details of the movie:

    Footage used:

    Final Fantasy: The Spirit's within

    Dragonball Z: Cooler Returns

    Cowbowy Bebop: The movie

    The song is from Jimmy Eat World and is entitled "Pain"

    I have based this AMV off the Pain of what the characters were feeling. For example, the pain of Goku/Vegeta was that of being killed by cooler, even if he didn't succeed.

    As a final note, it's good to not look at "just" the outside of the video. For example, a scene from "The spirit's within" where the USarmy emergency ship crashes into a group, while it does look "out-of place" it has a meaning, which is "Don't bother running, your only goning to die anyways" and fits in well with the part...

    Well before i go on and on i shall end my rant FFXI style

    /rant over.....

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