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  • Member: letamoon
  • Title: I will carry you - Ah! Megami-sama
  • Premiered: 2004-12-10
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    • Clay Aiken I Will Carry You
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  • Comments: Rencently in my life,i had been going through alot of tough times.I had almost lost my father to cancer and attepmted suicide.Most rencently I have run into some miracles,I have a new cousin,my dad has been cured and all Is well.but after all the great stuff,of course there had to be something wrong.I had lost my Fiance not to long ago on our one year anniversary,he had fallen in love with a friend of his,and of course me being nice,could not get angry,but only be happy for him.The song I had chosen for the anime music video,is a song that has made me think about my life,and all the friends I have that had helped me through this.I thank them with my heart.but last but not least I'd like to thank my Ex fiance, Hideki Motosuwa for being there for me,and loveing me,and actually taking my feelings into consideration after he had hurt me.This amv is for all of you who had gone through tough times as I did.Look up to the sky,the sun could only get brighter,and your smile more seeable.

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