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  • Member: The Zero Saber
  • Title: Time to Die, Cowboy
  • Premiered: 2002-09-18
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  • Song:
    • Andrew W K Ready to Die
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  • Comments: This one was a blast to make. It was created over a 10 hour period, all night, and one of the only times where editing the video was as fun as viewing it. The clips literally glided to their destinations. I don't recall coming to any tough sections. The key idea with this video, (similar with my previous video titled "Hurt Like You"), was to toy around with the timing. I tried to come up with new ways to match up sound to movement. I really thought hard about what key areas of the screen your eyes might be attracted to during the given clip. I know there is a lot of fanboy hatred torwords this band, and they aren't exactly a favorite of mine either. But I think that this hobby is not always about promoting the music that you love. Sometimes it's more important to pick the song that best goes with the direction the video is aimed at.

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