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  • Member: themaan
  • Studio: Flying Head Co.
  • Title: Obligatory Eva Parody
  • Premiered: 2004-12-06
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    • Team America: World Police Montage
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  • Comments: Hurray! It's been way to long since I've gotten a new video out and I'm very glad to get this one to the public. I've been workin on multi-editor projects a lot lately and I've been trying to learn how to use After Effects more effectively. Soon enough folks! Soon enough I'll be an After Effects master and my videos will be...better. Heh. I got a big arse book on AE so I'm sure I'll be editing some awsome videos soon. In the meantime, I've released this. It's my first REAL attempt at an upbeat comedy video. All my other upbeat comedies have been complete failures. I use the song Montage from the Team America: World Police Soundtrack.

    When I first heard Montage I knew that it was just screaming "make an AMV with me!" So I did, heh. I already had some awsome ideas and I was ready to edit. This project turned out to be quite a fast edit. It only took a couple days and I think what I ended up with is pretty funny.

    Now, this video did have its share (and seconds) of problems. The biggest one would have to be Premiere un-syncing itself! I don't know HOW that happened but it somehow did. Whenever I closed the program and came back, everything would be several frames out-of-sync. It even happened while I was editing. I would edit an bunch, then when I would go back for a preview, It would be all out-of-sync. I ended up editing the entire video before I got the obvious idea. "Why don't I try starting a new project?" That turned out to work perfectly. Problem was, I had to re-edit the entire video over again with nothing but an out-of-date beta export to work from. Well, it took longer than it had to but I completed it. In the end, I'm actually happy this happened, it gave me a chance to reflect upon my editing mistakes in the out-of-sync version and make a better video.

    I really hope you guys enjoy this one. Just wanna give a thanks to DrngdKreationz and Maverick-Rubik for beta testin', glad you guys liked the video, your comments were really helpful. I can't believe that GreenJinjo has no tie to this vid. WAIT! He does, he beta tested the very first stages of this video, he was the first to notice it was going out-of-sync. So I guess I can thank you as well GreenJinjo.

    Finalist in Comedy at GeneStarwind21122's OutlawAnimeClub AMV Contest

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