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  • Studio: ^o^ Mog productions ^o^
  • Title: Friends
  • Premiered: 2002-01-19
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    • The Rembrandts I'll Be There For You
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    Oh no, another Eva parody! But 5 years from now who would have thought of doing something like this? Well the idea came to me one day while watching Friends with a buddy of mine. He pointed out that Touji reminded him of Joey. I agreed "You're right! He sorta does!" then the opening credits came on and at that moment, I pictured Eva. Well, after the show ended, I went to the mall and bought the Friends Vol.1 DVD to get the opening audio then I started to pick who would be who........

    Rachel Green - Asuka
    Reason: Easy enough. They're are both spoiled brats.

    Monica Geller - Hikari
    Reason: Monica is a clean person who likes to cook and is freakishly strong. Well Hikari looks like a clean person and she cooks, Im not sure about the freakishly strong part though.

    Phoebe Buffay - Rei
    Reason: I really wanted Misato to be Phoebe but as I imagine what the opening would be like in my head, it looked weird to have 5 teenages and 1 adult. So Rei became Phoebe, another reason is that they are both really weird.

    Joey Tribbiani - Touji
    Reason: Both talk about women alot, and are usually hungry.

    Chandler Bing - Kensuke
    Reason: Who else would be Chandler?

    Ross Geller - Shinji
    Reason: Both are cowardly and total wussies

    With that done, I started work on the video. Again I used Adobe Premiere and VirtualDub but for the credits, my friend NME did the names using Photoshop so very special thanks goes to him for his help. Try to ignore Misato in the opening bit. The first link is the video and the second link is the split scene version for comparaison. Im surprised that nobody ever thought of using the Friends opening before. Maybe my mind was in the right place. Another purpose for this vid is to highlight all the good moments of Eva without the mecha and before it went all dark.


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