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  • Members: Squall_Renzokuken, Nobu_X
  • Studio: TAC Studios
  • Title: The Final For Me
  • Premiered: 2004-11-29
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    • Galla_Initial_D Kimi Ga Iru ( Squall_Renzokuken to Lara)
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  • Comments: This AMV , was created for a inspiration in a moment when i fall in love...for a girl ... , and this AMV shows that although this love to be strong, I do not support more life with it , the worse thing is when you love and this person is everything in its life and in the one of it you she is only plus one, and for a moment happens of you to be to the side of it and to be able to make affection, look in the face and speech whom it loves, to obtain to kiss it, this moment happened with me, but only to me, to it it did not pass of plus an idiot, I admit that I cried very for it, I admit that it made me to think that to love it is good per a day, but concluding this AMV, you had noticed that for me, the end arrived, this is the direction of the END FOR ME... enjoy and please comment about my AMV, , put a coment guys!!!! okay , thanks!!!!


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