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  • Member: SuperS4
  • Title: A Little More Action
  • Premiered: 2004-11-28
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    • Elvis Presley vs. JXL A Little Less Conversation (Remix Radio Edit)
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  • Comments: This video...well, let's face it, it's a Naruto vid, now most people will probably just think its another one of those Naruto fad vids...and you quite possibly could be right, but I leave that up to you.

    It was fun to edit the vid once I started getting into it, used a song that I probably never would have used had I not been told about it, I never knew they did a remix like this for Elvis. So I gave it a listen one night and liked it, put it in my playlist and continued on. Few days later I was visiting a site I frequent, noticed they were having an AMV contest for naruto vids, seeing how I didn't have a Naruto vid yet, I decided to try and make one. The only problem was the contest entries had to be in by the end of the month, and here i was at the middle of the month, so I had to get an idea, and quick.

    So after looking for a song, I found that Elvis song again, listened to it, read over the lyrics, felt it fit nicely with the series in quite a few spots, so the song was picked, but now for the actual idea, so I started looking through episodes, came to the Neji vs Naruto fight, bingo, found my idea. So that is how the idea for this vid was born, song is about less conversation, more action, that fight in Naruto is way too much conversation, not enough action. So this video is meant to portray that fact, that there is too much conversation, not enough action.

    So I spent a few hours each day editting the video, enjoying it, hating it, wanting to destroy my computer for all the problems it gave me, but finally I finished it, and now, I present it all to you.

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