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  • Member: doughboy
  • Studio: Spooner St Studios
  • Title: Wake Up Call
  • Premiered: 2004-11-28
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Snot Snooze Button
  • Anime:
  • Comments: -revised 12/02/04-


    First off, I would like to address the age of this video. Though just completed recently, this idea has been created, lost, recreated, abandoned, reunited, discharged, reenlisted, and then completed. I have in fact been working on this non-continuously since April of 2002.

    If you’re an agreeable lad/lass and would like further details into how such a thing could possibly be, I’ve thrown together a mildly detailed history that I encourage everyone to peruse at their leisure. If you missed that link, it can be found here. By here, I in fact mean this link and not this one. Ok, so all of those are in fact the real link, but now I’m ridiculously off topic… If you actually like the video, please read my not-so-well-written memoirs about how this video was not a whole lot of fun to make.


    I could write an essay about this video, but I don’t think even I would want to read it. This is intended to be an action video, but I do take some moments to throw in a little dramatic flair to keep things from getting too random. It's unlikely many people will notice those, as they blend in amongst the chaos. The pace of everything is very rigorous, so I encourage multiple upon multiple viewings before really giving it a final opinion. It makes perfect sense to me, but that’s because I’m quite fluent with the show and the thought process behind the video (naturally).

    You owe it to yourself to watch the anime prior/after if you're gonna get anything out of this video. I'm not gonna shine a brilliant haze over the video and praise it for anything other than it is: entertainment. However, much thought was put into a lot of the clip selection, so knowing what the anime is about and what is happening (even if it flashes briefly and moves onto something completely unrelated) will greatly increase your appreciation of how the song and anime fit together.

    I alternate quite frequently between lyric and mood synch, sometimes even nailing both simultaneously. However, yes I do sometimes miss both altogether… You could easily find the lyrics online, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but in the many cases that the vocals aren’t decipherable in the audio, I didn’t pay them much attention. In a lot of cases it's more how the vocals sound that determines my clip usage (ex: mellow or aggressive).


    The song really sums up the 3rd episode of the series, which is the main premise behind the video. It’s not my favorite Snot song or even the one I’d like most to use in a video, but it was just too damn appropriate not to select it and start this whole miserable shindig. I personally love its mellow sections and then explosively abrasive high points. If you don’t like hardcore/punk rock, then there’s clearly no way you’ll appreciate this video.


    Clips made into Huffyuv, 24fps, 960 X 480
    Edited in Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Bumpers created in After Effects 5.5

    Online version at 480 X 352, 23.976fps
    Anime portion at 480 X 272 with borders added

    I chose to matte the widescreen footage instead making the entire thing a widescreen dimension for a number of reasons. At 960 X 480 and especially at 512 X 272, all the characters looked chubby. It was an anamorphic source, but those dimensions listed prior were better suited to keeping it all in a non-square pixel aspect ratio. I decided to make it 480 X 272, and this better reflected the visible aspect ratio I was accustomed to when viewing it on my computer or TV monitor. I think I’ve lost everyone’s attention with paragraph, so I will in fact move on…

    The editing of this video contains far more frame manipulation than anyone is likey to notice. I was dedicated to tweaking the flow of easily 75% of the clips. Most were attempted, tweaked, and then reworked from scratch 5 times over until I found a way to make them synch up correctly. I'm very pleased with how most of them turned out.

    Personal Comments:

    This video was a fantastic learning experience that should increase my editing speed and steer me into the proper direction. I didn’t always enjoy working on it, so that was definitely why I decided to make 11/27 the absolute final deadline. I didn’t quite make that, but I did spend that entire day working on it and the bumpers. With the additional day (11/28), I did at least fix a few things and clean it up into a better experience. I couldn’t quite end it the way I wanted to, but by “fixing it” I was only making it worse, so I just left it as is and called it a day.

    I think the video is a bit too much of everything at once, which will very likely turn most people off. I do balance out certain parts with long-running clips, but a majority of it flows through clips like water in a way many will think is nonsensical. The editing was appropriate for the pace of the song, and I can't imagine how I could have done it any differently.

    Special Thanks:

    Wonka – stay sexy and agreeable
    Beo – cracking the whip and egging me on
    Fluxy – just because
    Don1 – your BETA comments were brilliant and most necessary
    Eric and Rae – the old skool hawtness that drove me into this madness

    That is all, don't expect many similiar styled videos from me in the near future.

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