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  • Member: Mersades
  • Studio: Shenron's Dragoball Lair
  • Title: Live (A Goku Tribute)
  • Premiered: 2004-11-27
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    • Switchfoot This is your life
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  • Comments: For almost two years, I've been wanting to do a tribute to Goku. It had to be special, though - something more than "Goku is a badass, watch him pound on villains to Metallica!" I wanted it to convey what I loved about Goku beyond his power. Because of this, I could never find the right song. After a couple attempts with mediocre songs that failed miserably, I finally found a tune that inspired me. After three days of obsessive editing that was probably less than healthy, this is the result.

    If you're the type that feels DBZ should be shown only with hard rock and want to pay as little attention to the theme of the video as possible, you probably won't like this video (go download my video "Beyond Happiness and Sadness" if you're in it for the hard hitting rock vids). While I'm not sure if people will like it, it's now my personal favorite. This video makes me happy. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed editing it.

    I have to really apologize for the fuzzy compression quality; I'm using a new version of Premiere and I haven't explored how to get the best quality/lowest file size out of it. Once I figure out what I'm doing, I'll be sure to replace this with a better version.

    EDIT 11-28-04
    An awesome pal of mine pointed me towards VirtualDub, so there's now a much higher quality (and smaller filesize to boot) version of "Live." It's still at the same link, so re-download if you need to!

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