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  • Member: Dierin
  • Studio: Sham Rock Studio
  • Title: Killer Inside
  • Premiered: 2001-03-01
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  • Song:
    • Better Than Ezra The Killer Inside
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  • Comments: *Currently unavailable for download. Email me at if you'd like to get a copy*

    Update: New higher quality encode is now available. It's encoded with the Angelpotion codec, not standard Divx, so if you can't read it right off you'll probably have to pay a visit to the Angelpotion folks (the url escapes me for the moment, but I know the codec is available at Enjoy!

    We all like the occasional angsty anime guy who have been wronged by the world. This video is an attempt to capture an element of that tragic spirit.

    Contains spoilers for the end of Cowboy Bebop and the End of Evangelion: A Pure Heart For You.

    Note: This is my first official effort in the realm of AMV creation, and as such I'd love to hear any questions/comments/flames/praise/adoration/etc. that you may happen to throw my way regarding it. I put it together in Adobe Premiere 5.1 out of mpeg clips grabbed or converted from various sources; I didn't capture any of the material myself, although I had to do a little fancy footwork with the avi's to make them come through smoothly. The whole project took around ten hours or so, I would estimate, with a few more for tinkering around the edges and converting/copying necessary files. I have trouble with my copy of Premiere in that whenever I tried to scroll through avi files, it crashes; so I converted all the avi episodes I used into mpeg for purposes of editing the piece together, and then replaced them with the original avi's after it was complete. I'm not sure if there is an easy way around this- I have yet to read the Premiere 5.1 writeups I spotted elsewhere on this site. I think the whole thing came out rather well, but I don't want to reveal too much before you see it; so please take a gander and ask some questions so I know what to include here.

    The video seemed to fall into place as I was assembling it. I think it was a stroke of beginner's luck, but the song seems to really express an emotional current that runs through a lot of anime. Looking back at it I'm tempted to redo it solely with Cowboy Bebop, or add some other stuff- a couple of new series like Generator Gawl and The Legend of Black Heaven, perhaps. I suppose that will be a project for another day.

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