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  • Member: ewokmaster
  • Title: Shake Your Coconuts, Muyo!
  • Premiered: 2004-11-22
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    • Junior Senior Shake Your Coconuts
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  • Comments: I swear. This will be the last Tenchi Muyo! video I do in a great while. I consider it to be the last in my Tenchi trilogy, with "Ryoko, the Bad Girl All the Guys Want!" and "Nobody's Fault but Tenchi's".
    Also, I consider it to be my most fun and best. Basically, it's a tribute to the wackiness of Tenchi Muyo! set to the song "Shake Your Coconuts" by Junior Senior. The video has no real story or anything, it's just a silly video. Mihoshi's boss plays the part of the main singer. He looks crazy in most of the parts. Really. He's quite scary. Please, watch and enjoy! P.S. I effing rocked editing the music so the song was short. It's seemless, and I did it with Windows Sound Recorder. Man I rock...hehe just kidding.

    Creator's Favorite Moment - The first part...even after the 6 or so versions I made of this vid, the first part up through Mihoshi flying away has remained the same, because it worked well from the start.

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