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  • Member: novablast
  • Studio: rednova studios
  • Title: Girls with the Safety Off
  • Premiered: 2004-11-17
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  • Song:
    • T.A.T.U How Soon Is Now?
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I did this thinking it would show a simple story of a relationship triangle. While it is essentially the story between Kirika, Mirelle and Chloe, I attempted to reflect the melancholy tone that was consistent in the series. The guns ultimately rule the girls and it seems excessive, but if you haven't watched the series...give it a try, they are pretty trigger happy. Hence the title.

    I used T.A.T.U.'s cover of The Smiths song, because I thought it was a good cover. It's much better than the love spit love version, and Julia belts it pretty well.

    Eps 1- 25

    I did not pull any spoilers. yippee!

    The Logged Hours
    I started this sometime after possibly four months, on and off, of weekends and evenings.


    Vegas 5
    Photoshop CS

    Vegas was pretty stable throughout the whole process, but it could only take so many effects, and I had to trick it sometimes. The rendering time wasn't so bad either.


    Effects, etc.
    I did about 90% of the effects in Vegas. They have pretty good plug-ins that left me very little reason to venture off to AE. I did a lot of masking, matting, using filters and layers on no more than 5 video tracks, which is pretty good considering I was able to stay in Vegas. I used AE mostly for the beginning. In Photoshop, I touched up the graphics for the girl's intros and the ending. There is some lip syncing, but they were happy accidents.

    All comments are appreciated. Enjoy.

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