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  • Member: kingmob_867
  • Title: I'll be home for Christmas
  • Premiered: 2004-11-13
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    • Bing Crosby I'll be home for Christmas
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  • Comments: So we meet again. This AMV has been in the making for about a year now. I got the idea when I was working at Sears and Bing Crosbyís Iíll be home for Christmas played on the P.A. system. Bingís voice comes across as sad but has a romantic under tone. The Love Hina Christmas Special fit the song so perfectly and itís one of the best Christmas specials period. In the past two weeks or so Iíve remade it more times than in the first month of making, however; I think that this is the best version. Originally this AMV was going to be apart of the now debunked Xmas Effect Project. This AMV does contain spoilers so downloaders beware! This AMV was made on VEGAS VIDEO.

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