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  • Member: MangaPunkSai
  • Title: Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki
  • Premiered: 2004-11-13
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    • Yoko Kanno Blue
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  • Comments: This is a video a while in the making that, like alot of my most recent videos, breaks the rules and structure I used to follow quite strictly. I have found I've been getting alot more loose with videos, although this is partially a return to my usual staunchy ways of timing video to music, its still not completely the same.

    I also never like to do special effects with Miyazaki movies, I like the footage to speak on its own, but in this instance I did, simply because the sound of the music to me demanded alot of ethereal effects. Thats the other rule breaker, the song. I have used "Blue" by Yoko Kanno, the last song that plays in Cowboy Bebop. I don't generally like to use songs from the anime featured or from other anime for that matter.

    Though this song, to me, is simply beautiful and inspirational. When taken in context with the last scene of Cowboy Bebop its a sad song, but out of context and by itself, and especially with the way I've applied it here, it takes on a whole new meaning.

    I wanted this video to simply express my love for Hayao Miyazaki's work (it uses my personal favorites as well as some of his most well-known films), the magic it fills you with, and how it inspires artists and animators the world over. I think I succeeded for myself anyway, because I become a little misty eyed watching it sometimes, and it leaves me with a happy airy feeling. I hope it does the same for you.

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