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  • Member: Uzumaki Miyazaki
  • Studio: AMV Akatsuki Productions
  • Title: Sasuke - The Hate Within
  • Premiered: 2004-11-08
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    • Harry Gregson Williams Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme
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  • Comments: Hiya' Ben along time since I uploaded a video, or made on even. Ben blacked out on amvs after geting stuck on a fma one 2 months ago (which is still not finished, Mainly cause I'm bored with it :P ) Anyway, heres a pretty cool video, Made it in about a week. Ignore the low file-size, it's good quality, got vegas 5 about a week ago and learned some new tricks and a better way to export the video.

    Anyway, enjoy the video, and leave an opinion if ya life it =P

    (IMPORTANT: You might have to open it in Windows Media Player if real player, or whatever your using doesn't play it)

    *Spoilers Of Video*
    I think... (Not good at explaining, or laying out stories, if the way I explained it seems lame, please watch anyway, it's really an awesome video)
    Well, let's see here. First off, we start with sasukes past of his brother murdering his parants, then it skips to his brother telling him to kill his closest first if he wants to gain power.
    Sasukes past of naruto flashes by and he's like ''OMG'' >> So then their on a boat.... Yea don't ask how they got their... but.. SO their on a boat, sasukes past of itachi flashes by, he gets mad, looks at naruto, gets more mad at himself for wanting to kill him... and then so on... Sasuke looks up to the sky and thinks about it all, then it goes through some flash backs of Sasuke saving Naruto, and geting hurt because of naruto, then OMG flash back of his brother, then goes to sasuke... guess what... FLASH BACK.. of himself, and yeah, he gets angery, and starts thinking he should kill Naruto, then he decides.. and the fight..

    OMG I feel I totally wasted 5 mins on that lame descirption... Oh well enjoy the video lol

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