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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: 0x0075 0x2ec4 [[ch]ILL] 0x59b8
  • Premiered: 2004-11-06
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    • Meridian Abraham Timecode
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  • Comments: If you watch this video it will make you worship the devil. That is all.

    Seriously, SH092 is an exercise in gestalt much like SH070. However, it's not political, just weird.....much like the song. If you don't like neo-Brechtian wiederholung, don't watch this video; it's not as extreme as in some prior SH works, but there are several clips repeated for effect at different points. I used less than a third of the source I cut for this video, so there should be no mistake that the reuse is deliberate.

    I wanted to do up some punchcarding for this video, but could not manage it without seriously writing a new filter for Virtual Dub -- which I may do in the future, because this video demands it. The picture, as is, isn't messed up enough -- even though the original color and a lot of the original line have been removed from the source footage. Also, the audio quality is too good; I wanted to downmix, but I don't have a lot of control on how VDub will recompress the audio. Plug in your tinniest speakers, treble them out, and amp the volume for best effect.

    This video is probably best watched in the middle of the night, with all other lights off, and at least a mild buzz going. Under this set of circumstances its psychotropic potential is maximized.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A-. Not great, but it has almost all of its intended effect -- punchcarding may push it up to an A.
    Stats: #clips: 117. avg length: 1.49 seconds. total time: 21 hours.

    Comment from when this was showed at CJN XI: "My brain hurts!"


    note for those in the Boston area: It wasn't till I had gotten back and started work that I realized that this video was substantially inspired by the Kendall Band, which you can check out by riding the Red Line to MIT, especially late at night when there's nobody in the station and the sound carries. Get someone else to play the instruments and just stare down at the tracks.

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